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well you said post... :) - Mature Aaron Carter Fans

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February 13th, 2006

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11:58 pm - well you said post... :)
i joined about a month ago, but i've been an aaron fan since... God knows when. 1999? holy shit it's been awhile. I thought i'd post since I'm having an aaron day :)

I'm an after school counselor at the YMCA. The kids all know I'm "marrying" jesse mccartney & aaron carter (lol). unfortunately, the first time i told them i was "marrying" aaron, half of them asked "who?!" which I found saddening. They are all elementry school age. I guess it shows how much his fanbase has grown up. crazy :)

what else.. on the lj community, Oh No They Didn't, they recently had a post about Aaron getting another tattoo. they made fun of him. but it's recent pictures & news right? here's the link (http://community.livejournal.com/ohnotheydidnt/5475003.html?view=549553339#t549553339) if you want to see it.

funny story, my cousin's friend's went to a bar after the radio music awards last year & Aaron happened to be there! Needless to say, he tried to hit on them & buy them drinks, which he too was drinking. He's 18 & almostfamous. Can ya blame him? ;)

hope this is allowed... i'll delete if you hate it!
KTACPA for real for real. hahaha. ♥

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